The emotional disconnect with AI made works

I'm definitely not against the usage of AI. It's a very helpful and powerful tool for many things. It's being used for web designs, graphical elements, illustrations, articles, videos, stories, etc.

However, I think we might be missing one thing. For me, one of the reasons I love certain content, designs, and articles is because they are human-made. Human made things are not perfect. Imperfection makes the whole story/concept/design better. The beauty and charm lie in the imperfections and the fact that I know it's done by another living being like me. Thanks to this fact, I form connections to the things I consume.

Personally, I can not feel emotional connection to AI-made products. It does not matter if it is perfect or not. As soon as I know that it is AI-made, I start to dislike it suddenly. It's definitely not a rational way of thinking and is completely emotional, I know. But that's where AI might have difficulties understanding human behavior. Humans are unpredictable and imperfect. Stories — the whole process of creating something from beginning to end — are really important for humans, and knowing that there is a human in the process makes it more valuable.

So I think that, in the future, AI-made things might start to be something that people might try to avoid on purpose, and value non-AI-made/human-made things much more just because they are human-made, imperfect and have a story in it. People might start to demand non-AI works.
AI might lose it's popularity just because of being AI.