The dilemma of constant music

Listening to music is probably one of the best things about being human. It changes your mood and emotions, gives you power, entertains you, and feeds your soul. It gives us experiences.

I mean, I believe it was different before we had such easy access to music.

Now I'm constantly listening to music all day. I wake up and the first thing I do is open Spotify and pick a song. I prepare for work with music, I eat with music, I clean with music, I walk with music, I take a shower with music, I study with music, and so on.

When you think about it, you might say, "What's wrong with that?" But, you know, I believe it has started to become something toxic. Because if I'm doing something else while listening to music, I'm not able to give my 100% concentration to what I'm doing. I don't get the full experience of listening to music and I don't do the task with my full potential. It becomes a kind of waste of time and poor experience.

To address this, I decided to reduce the time I spend listening to music. I can never give up music entirely. From today, I have decided to do one thing at a time. If I am listening to music, I will just listen to it and do nothing else. If I'm doing something, I'll do only that thing with my full concentration.

My expectation from this decision is that I will enjoy music more, unleash my full potential while doing tasks, and clear the fog in my mind.