Semantic apocalypse is my new favorite apocalypse of preference

There are lots of popular apocalypse scenarios we have seen in the movies, the books and the series.

Zombies, viruses, epidemics, meteors, nuclear wars, ice ages, droughts etc.

I'm 27 years old right now and my favorite one had always been zombies until now.

Because I played dozens of zombie games and consumed dozens of content about it so I'm confident that I can survive (died on first day).

That ends now. Semantic apocalypse is my new favorite one.

I've discovered a Turkish series on Netflix called Hot Skull. It's about an epidemic that spreads via verbal communication. If you hear or listen to other "jabberers"(people who has this semantic/linguistic virus called jabberers), you become one of them too and you lose your sanity starting talking nonsense(maybe not that nonsense, who knows).

Of course, there is also a tyrannical institution story side. But I'm more interested in the linguistic aspects of it.

The idea is much more interesting than zombies to me. If I get to choose what kind of world-ending there will be, I would choose this one:)

If you like world-ending, apocalypse scenarios, you should try this one! There is English and probably other language subtitles too.