New life in Japan is coming soon


I haven't been posting for a while now. I was quite busy with my work(damn shift based works), future plans and procrastination fight for blogging :')

I've been interviewing with a heavy industry/manufacturing company in Japan for a month and today I got the job offer. The pay is not bad for Japan and benefits are really nice. They provide housing allowance and car.

At start I will be working as a Japanese, Turkish and English translator but they want to teach me the technical side as well which I'm really happy because I want to acquire some technical skills too. I will be doing lots of business trips to Turkey, Sweden and some other countries in Europe I can't remember now.

Visa process will take around 3 months which means I can enjoy the nature of Estonia a bit more. I'm kinda sad tho because I actually started to make some friends here but it looks like my life is just about moving around most of the time. Hopefully Japan will my last station for at least 5 years. Because I'm really tired of moving around.

I'm also happy that I won't have to work on shift based anymore. Damn, I will never work at a shift based work again. Especially with night shifts. I'm surprised I have made it so far. Because I also have restless leg syndrome and it goes crazier if you don't have a regular sleep schedule.

The reason my self-taught web dev journey got so slow is also because of this shift based work I'm doing right now. Out of my work time I mostly feel tired simply because my sleep schedule is fucked up and now my restless leg syndrome kicks in randomly in a day. The job itself is not difficult but I just can not handle the shift based working.

So I will try to enjoy my last months in Tallinn:')

Some other updates are that now I've my custom domain for my Bearblog dostoynikov.com and Photo blog photo.dostoynikov.com.

Hopefully, I will post more on my blog from today. I actually have lots of things to post but procrastination is not an easy enemy to beat. I'll do my best, tho.