I decided to leave Estonia for good

Today is 23th April and it was fucking snowy and windy today. I barely made it to the tram stop. I mean, come on, I don't expect 15 degrees as I know it is northern country but snow like this is too much, wtf. As someone from the Mediterranean, it was the last straw. I've not minded about the cold and snow that much actually until now, but you know what, I want to see some fucking sun. Now I understand why people from Norway and Sweden are moving to Antalya(southern city in Türkiye near the sea).

Around Autumn in this year, I probably start job hunting in Japan. It will be either English teaching job or front end developer job. Or maybe a front desk job at a hotel, I'm not sure. I just love Japan with it all aspects'. I will go for Osaka, Okayama or Fukuoka. To me, they are the best cities to live in Japan. Okayama would be best since I already have lived there like 2.5 years.

It means, I have to overcome my procrastination and advance in front end development or I will have a mental breakdown.

Wish me luck.